God in a Box
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God in a Box

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Stacey gets a ticket to heaven. But restrictions apply.

After spending her life savings to fly to Europe and become a meditation teacher, Stacey is told to go home. Lesbians are not welcome. She’s lost the love of her life already. Will she lose the other half of her dreams now? It’s the early 1970s. On a lark, Stacey Carmichael attends a lecture about meditation from one of those new Indian gurus who have suddenly appeared everywhere. Intrigued in spite of her skepticism, she learns to meditate— and has the experience of a lifetime. Delighted, Stacey pursues this new path, tasting the possibility of enlightenment, becoming at peace with herself, opening the doors of her own perception. Stacey decides to become a teacher of meditation herself—and then the human side of this organization rears its ugly head. Lesbians need not apply. Leave your partner, become a celibate, and then we’ll see. How can she give up this meditation that has given her so much? But how can she give up who she really is?

Best-selling author Theresa Crater brings ancient temples, lost civilizations, and secret societies back to life in her visionary fiction. Her novels include The Power Places series, Under the Stone Paw, Beneath the Hallowed Hill and Return of the Grail King. The new spin-off Mystic Assassin series begins with Assassin Awakens. Stand-alone novels are School of Hard Knocks, The Star Family and God in a Box. Her short stories explore ancient myth brought into the present day. The Star Family won best fiction in the Indie Spirit Book Awards in 2015 and Return of the Grail King best visionary fiction from the Coalition of Visionary Resources. Theresa grew up in the middle of the civil rights movement, an experience which taught her that anything is possible. She studied English as an undergraduate at UNC-G, the school where you can throw a rock and hit at least two writers. Then, she studied Vedic philosophy and taught meditation until she ran out of money. Graduate school in Seattle lead to her first job at the Evergreen State College, the alternative school that had the distinction of being slated for closure by state senators every four years until it gained an international reputation. Besides writing, she also teaches creative writing, British literature, and does free-lance editing. She lives in Colorado with her Egyptologist partner, who writes and leads tours to Egypt, and their feline overlords. She’s been to Egypt four times so far, and also traveled in Central and South America, Cambodia, and Europe.